The pursuit of justice in front of the court is difficult. In a world with an ever growing amount of litigation, the process is riskier, lengthier, more expensive and particularly complicated. In this environment, litigation finance provides a risk mitigation platform both for clients and the law firms that represent them. 
Litigation is an expense, and as with all other expenses it may be financed. A litigation finance firm provides vital funding for the costs of pursuing a legal claim in return for a share of any final recovery achieved. As the funds are most often provided on non-recourse basis, if the claim is unsuccessful, the financing firm receives nothing and is also responsible for the other party's legal costs. LitFin hence converts your expense into an asset with significant upside opportunity. 
We will consider funding for any type of litigation that has a monetary value, in any CEE jurisdiction and at any stage of the litigation process (pre-action to post-judgement including appeal proceedings).
Litigation finance also perfectly aligns the interests of claimants who are mainly interested in winning their claim with a minimum risk, and their legal representatives who are required to serve clients without financial constraints. LitFin therefore offers a one stop solution to all stakeholders by absorbing the involved risk and providing the capital necessary to succeed.
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