Initial assessment
After signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we listen to our clients or their legal representatives. Based on the available legal documents and budgets, we initially assess the case. At this stage, we often instruct external experts to review prospects of success, expected costs and length of a particular claim. If the case fails our basic investment criteria, we inform you quickly.
Indicative offer
If our investment criteria are met, we issue a term sheet with indicative terms. In order to conduct further due diligence and commit further financial and human resources in comprehensively assessing the case, we enter into an exclusivity agreement with a prospective client. All costs are paid by us.   



Investment committee
The investment committee reviews the overall case presented and makes a final decision on our intention to fund this case.


Investment stage
Once approved, we enter into a funding agreement with the claimant. We pay legal costs regularly and on time. Our dedicated case managers monitor the progress of the case on regular  basis, with an instructed legal team evaluating the risk, and providing an expertise and support when required.
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